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I’ve just watched the worst thing ever.

Soulside Journey is such a quality album.

-Tyler Knott Gregson-

Are your wonders known in the place of darkness, or your righteous deeds in the land of oblivion?

Are you fucking serious

I was gonna post a link to the wikipedia article for Ressentiment, but that’s likely to trigger a bunch of people so I’m just going to close my laptop and walk awaaaaaaaaaaay.


I will not post anything critical of Tumblr SJ because a.) it’s not worth it, and b.) I’m beginning to dwell on it too much and that’s not good.  Dwelling on negativity isn’t worth it, either.

Can we get serious for a moment?




[Trigger Warning: ableism]




I don’t even care to address this “transabled” and “transethnic” nonsense because it’s too ridiculous and insulting to take seriously.

Perhaps this will be the last thing I say about the Tumblr “social justice” community because while poking fun at it is amusing, it’s incredibly exhausting.

While I can see the merit of wanting to prevent “triggered” episodes of intense anxiety amongst genuinely oppressed persons, the manner in which you attempt to do so is counterproductive because the conversation itself has become an immense distraction. The vast majority of the content I see from the Tumblr SJ community is manufactured “justice,” that is, you create the problem to solve.

Everyone wants to be the victim but no one wants to be the hero. Tumblr “social justice” has become one big distraction from actual social justice work and academia and quite honestly, it’s embarrassing to watch. I see more instances of people jumping down each other’s throats for not posting a trigger warning on, say, posts that merely mention sex workers than I do of legitimate discussions about progressing the welfare of sex workers and it’s ridiculous. Who are you helping? What good are you doing? Social justice isn’t posting trigger warnings and coining terms for manufactured oppressive conditions. You can’t protect people from each and every entity that may or may not cause some degree of anxiety.

The Tumblr social justice community is harmful to people who are actually oppressed because your struggle to manufacture a condition where you get to be the victim is directing the attention towards you, people who don’t need help. It’s insulting and in all honesty, shameful. You’re making light of genuinely significant oppression and it needs to stop.

Uh, but the thing is that you don’t get to be the judge of whether or not someone’s triggers are “legitimate.” 

(Can someone do this for me? I am exhausted and my head isn’t working.)

Like rosenplatnz said, nobody gets to decide what trigger warnings are valid. I mean, I’ll TW stuff that a lot of people feel is unnecessary because I know followers of mine have less mainstream triggers.

Also the idea of ‘actual social justice work’ being different to internet stuff just makes me feel kinda uncomfortable. Firstly, a lot of us don’t have the means or the spoons to do meatspace activism. Secondly, if it weren’t for tumblr SJrs, I’d still believe in a lot of the BS I used to believe in two years ago when I was a slutshaming douche who spouted ableist terms all the damn time. And finding the genderqueer/autism community on tumblr as really helped me.

Also, this last paragraph makes me a little edgy because while I’m reallly hoping it’s in reference to that transethnic shit going about, I’ve heard similar sentiments expressed towards genderqueer folk, and also towards otherkin and multiples just because they say they’re otherkin/multiples. Like, even if they say they don’t feel particularly oppressed.

The original post is hilarious in a very sad and pathetic way. OP sounds like your average able-bodied, neurotypical shit stain who wants a cookie for being able to prance up and down the street with a picket sign shouting political slogans. All of us cripples and crazies need to get off our lazy, disabled asses and do REAL activism. Or, maybe it’s a class issue. I’m a terrible SJer because I don’t have any money to donate to all of the genuinely oppressed people instead of writing about oppression on Tumblr, or because my disabilities forced me to drop out of college, thus rendering me incapable of regurgitating academia on the internet in adequate quantities. They were conveniently vague, so your guess is as good as mine.

You want activism? Let me grab my cane. I can use it to knock some sense into ignorant people with unexamined privilege. I’VE GOT YOUR ACTIVISM RIGHT HERE, ASSHOLES. GET IN LINE.

^ What rosenplantzandguildenfern, firstrisingvibes, and feministrobot said.

Today I learned no one on Tumblr can read. What happened to No Child Left Behind?

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